National HSA Awareness Day is October 15

TRI-AD is working to build awareness of the advantages of health savings accounts (HSAs) and to engage and empower consumers to improve their health and financial wellness. On National HSA Awareness Day, TRI-AD reminds consumers that HSAs are not only used for healthcare spending; they are also a long-term savings strategy for retirement. Most employers view their HSA offering as a portion of retirement benefits.

Our Smart HSA is the next generation of technology designed to help consumers keep pace with a dynamic and complex healthcare system through personal guidance and predictive analytics. Personalized health and wealth guidance tools will help educate and lead consumers towards optimized saving and health care spending. Our Smart HSA gives consumers a health score which showcases progress toward capturing full value, displays flags for something not optimized with a link to the “right next step” and one-click access to AI-driven guidance.

The HSA Guided Portfolio includes a risk tolerance questionnaire, investment allocation tools, automatic rebalancing and portfolio management “auto-pilot” features.

Although HSA assets continue to boom, consumer fluency is still lagging and many are missing out on maximizing the features of their HSA accounts. TRI-AD’s HSA enhancements will make it fast, simple and easy for employees to learn about, manage, and take full advantage of their HSAs.