50 years ago, Curtis Hamilton had a vision to create a lasting legacy and create a firm that would help people secure their futures through excellent benefits and financial management. Today, TRI-AD is still operating with the same principles – do the right thing for employees and clients and you will generate better outcomes. Integrity and trust matter to us – a lot.

TRI-AD’s hallmark has been the development of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and a superior service experience for their plan participants. Over the decades, collaborating with our clients has enabled us to develop new and creative ways to meet their needs, resulting in the continuous expansion of our robust suite of product and service offerings. TRI-AD is not a volume shop or a “cookie cutter” benefits administrator. In fact, we continue to innovate and invent to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Today we offer cutting-edge technology, allowing access to educational materials and information for clients and their employees. We believe that helping people in the here and now to make good decisions will impact their future happiness and success.

About TRI-AD

TRI-AD’s purpose is to enrich your health and financial well-being. Our mission is to make it fast, simple and easy for you to manage your employer-provided benefits.

We offer a full suite of benefits administration services, and partner with you to select and implement the best solution for your environment. TRI-AD’s personal, get-to-know-you approach relieves stress, eliminates confusion and streamlines the benefits process for consultants, employers and employees. Our purpose can also be applied to the organizations we serve. Our technology and service model are designed to improve the health and wealth of the organizations we serve. Since we provide tools, resources, support and technology to help our clients’ employees make good benefit decisions, the result is time savings for our clients and an improved return on investment for the money they are spending on benefits.

Our unique BenefitSpot™ technology allows us to package multiple services into a single portal so users get holistic information about their benefits, make better decisions, and reduce risks associated with health and retirement benefits. We partner with organizations that value high-touch service and flexibility – we have a willingness to adapt our service approach to the needs of our clients, not the other way around. TRI-AD’s one-stop approach for all benefits administration needs ensures accountability, streamlined processes, ease of use, easier data management, and complete satisfaction for our clients and their plan participants.

Decades of collaborating with our clients have taught us one thing – outcomes matter. We work with you to provide better outcomes for your employees. Our goal is to enrich your health and financial well-being – and those you care about.

Our purpose is to enrich your health and financial well-being. Our mission is to make it fast, simple and easy for people to manage their employer-provided benefits. When we’re successful, we believe the outcome will be the establishment of long-term client and participant relationships built on integrity, trust and financial success.