TRI-AD’s reimbursement account programs allow you to customize a wide range of benefits, helping you to recruit and retain top talent in a very competitive market.

We have the administration capabilities to make it fast, simple and easy for you to offer these benefits and for your employees to utilize them. TRI-AD will work with you to customize a reimbursement account program that meets your employees’ needs and your goals.


Solution Components

Commuter Reimbursement Plan

Commuter reimbursement plans (also known as Transportation reimbursement) allow participants to pay for eligible transit and parking expenses with tax-free dollars. We offer either a stacked reloadable debit card model or our online ordering platform model.

Mandatory Municipal Commuter Ordinances

Wellness Reimbursement Plan

Approximately 62% of employers offered a general wellness program in 2018 (SHRM – 2018 Employee Benefits Research Report). TRI-AD can help you design a compliant plan to boost morale, increase fitness, reduce sick time, and add value to your benefit programs.

Lifestyle Spending Account

The TRI-AD Lifestyle Spending Account gives employers the flexibility to allow employees to spend benefit dollars on the things that matter most to them. From physical and mental health needs, to professional and educational development, to travel and entertainment, employers have complete freedom to determine how their employees are able to spend their lifestyle spending account dollars.

Professional Development Reimbursement

This solution helps employers support employees interested in growing their technical and professional skills by managing reimbursement for short-term learning events: conferences, webinars, and online courses.

Education Reimbursement

We provide continuing education reimbursement for tuition and books for courses, certain certification programs, and graduate programs. Employers can set dollar limits and control what coursework is eligible/aligned. Our online system makes it easy and convenient to upload documentation for fast reimbursement of claims.

Adoption Assistance

The Adoption Assistance Program is designed to help offset the costs associated with adopting a child. Adoption benefits are now a customary benefit offering for organizations who want to attract and keep top talent.

Fertility & Surrogacy Assistance Programs

This program is designed to help employees with eligible expenses associated with the expansion of their families through specific, lawful surrogacy arrangements.

Employment Candidate Reimbursement

Simplify the submission, processing, and payment of employment candidate expenses related to the recruiting process. We have the administration capabilities to make it fast, simple and easy for you to offer these benefits and for your prospective employees to utilize them. Demonstrate your organizational efficiencies to candidates by utilizing this technology and service to increase your hire rate success.