TRI-AD’s experts provide a true end-to-end COBRA solution.

Our flexible, knowledgeable COBRA service means that once someone leaves your organization, we handle everything — administration and compliance — the work is off your plate. Your former employees call us, not you. Outsourcing COBRA administration to TRI-AD lets you focus on your active employees and on initiatives that add value to your company.

After implementation, your organization only needs to provide us with electronic files containing necessary data (new hires, terminations, loss of coverage actions, etc.) and make any required payments to insurance carriers. You may also engage TRI-AD to pay the carriers on your behalf.


Easy-to-Use Client Support Tools

  • HIPAA-compliant Data Management System
  • On-Demand Reporting: reports of all active participants, with pay-through dates and payment status
  • Download a spreadsheet of current statuses to facilitate the bill-paying process
  • View individual participant records
  • Request off-cycle uploads of COBRA data for rush enrollments and other special needs
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