TRI-AD Associates enjoy the opportunity to grow in a career that has a substantial impact on people’s financial futures and health benefits.

TRI-AD was founded on the core value of integrity, and our Associates find ways to practice this philosophy every single day. Associates who show initiative, who are committed to continual learning and who want to forward their career will find a warm and welcoming environment where they can have a significant impact on the lives of the people we serve.

Associates work in a team-oriented atmosphere and collaborate with clients to solve problems and implement new and appropriate solutions. We utilize cutting-edge technology, and we are determined to find new ways to deliver high-touch service and flexible solutions for our clients.

We believe our culture is unique and exemplary, and we invite you to come meet us so you can determine that for yourself. If you want to change people’s lives, to continue to learn and grow, and to work in a flexible, team-oriented environment that is hands-on and high-touch, talk with us today about open opportunities.

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Our CEO, Thad Hamilton, took a Strategic Leadership Course at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2017. One of the assignments was to organize a group of TRI-AD Associates and create a detailed description of the Culture at TRI-AD. The result was the following description:


We work together to create efficiencies that improve the company and the overall well-being of each other. We welcome confident, capable people who leave their egos at the door. We maintain an open-door policy among the executive management team, and encourage feedback and participation from all.


Associates band together to collaborate, innovate and problem-solve, even during some of the most challenging and critical situations. From the top down, we never give up and we work together to overcome challenges. .


Our purpose is to enrich the health and financial well-being of people just like you. Our success is measured by positive participant behavior. When we make decisions, we focus on outcomes that help our clients and their employees save money, reduce risk, and prosper.

Company Spirit

We believe our mission to enrich lives of everyday people applies to our Associates, so a balance between work and personal life is essential. Associates are encouraged to have fun, take time to get to know each other, and enjoy coming to work.


We empower people to excel in their work and act with limited supervision. We do not micro-manage, but rather expect Associates to make decisions with the best interests of the company and our clients in mind.


We support advanced education and training for Associates who want to improve their skills and knowledge. Associate loyalty and tenure are the results of employee development and growing from within.

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Valerie, 26 years

“At TRI-AD, we are encouraged and expected to grow our skills, step up on new projects, and work hard. However, we are respected very much as people, not just as “talent” or “human capital.” One of the ways that TRI-AD walked the talk for me personally was to let me work part-time in my professional role for many years while my daughter was little. Being able to keep my work skills sharp and be the mom that I wanted to be was incredibly important to me, and I am deeply thankful that I did not have to choose between my career and my family.”

Jim, 4 years

“I joined TRI-AD for the: family feel, flexibility, team environment and true autonomy. We work hard and our employee-led committees treat us with fun events and treats! We have some pretty sweet perks to boot, some include: surprise raffles, giveaways, massage visits, car wash service, instructor-led stretch breaks, casual environment and more!”

Christine, 12 years

“I like working at TRI-AD because of the integrity I see in all levels of the company. The work environment is friendly and lends to the feeling of being part of a team. I LOVE my job!”


Wendy, 23 years

“The main reasons I have stayed with TRI-AD for over 20 years are that I believe in TRI-AD’s values and I appreciate the caring environment for the employees. I enjoy the Associates I work with and the relationships I’ve built, both while enduring the challenges and enjoying the successes together.”