TRI-AD Associates enjoy the opportunity to grow in a career that has a substantial impact on people’s financial futures and health benefits.

TRI-AD was founded on the core value of integrity, and our Associates find ways to practice this philosophy every single day. Associates who show initiative, who are committed to continual learning, and who want to forward their careers will find a warm and welcoming environment where they can have a significant impact on the lives of the people we serve.

Associates work in a team-oriented atmosphere and collaborate with clients to solve problems and implement new and appropriate solutions. We utilize cutting-edge technology, and we are determined to find new ways to deliver high-touch service and flexible solutions for our clients.

We believe our culture is unique and exemplary, and we invite you to come meet us so you can determine that for yourself. If you want to change people’s lives, continue to learn and grow, and work in a flexible, team-oriented environment that is hands-on and high-touch, talk with us today about open opportunities.

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Our former CEO, Thad Hamilton, took a Strategic Leadership Course at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2017. One of the assignments was to organize a group of TRI-AD Associates and create a detailed description of the Culture at TRI-AD. The result was the following description:


We work together to create efficiencies that improve the company and the overall well-being of each other. We welcome confident, capable people who leave their egos at the door. We maintain an open-door policy among the executive management team and encourage feedback and participation from all.


Associates band together to collaborate, innovate and problem-solve, even during some of the most challenging and critical situations. From the top down, we never give up, and we work together to overcome challenges.


Our purpose is to enrich your health and financial well-being. Our success is measured by positive participant behavior. When we make decisions, we focus on outcomes that help our clients and their employees save money, reduce risk, and prosper.

Company Spirit

We believe our mission to enrich lives of everyday people applies to our Associates, so a balance between work and personal life is essential. Associates are encouraged to have fun, take time to get to know each other, and enjoy coming to work.


We empower people to excel in their work and act with limited supervision. We do not micro-manage, but rather expect Associates to make decisions with the best interests of the company and our clients in mind.


We support advanced education and training for Associates who want to improve their skills and knowledge. Associate loyalty and tenure are the results of employee development and growing from within.

Current Openings

Note to applicants: Ability to work remotely currently available only in the following states: AZ, CA ,CO, FL, GA, HI, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT, IL, WA

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See what Associates say about working at TRI-AD

We have company-sponsored peer-to-peer recognition at TRI-AD. Associates post many comments every day to show their thanks and appreciation for fellow Associates.  Here is just a small sampling of actual appreciations from our teams to each other. We are very grateful for our talented and thoughtful staff.

“Thanks for all of your leadership through the compliance season and these crazy times we are in. You are very much appreciated.” -George

“Nice work on the payroll formatting project. Thanks for continuing to think outside the box.” -Mike

“Thanks to my team for continuing to kill it! You rock! #teamwork!” -Jacquie

“Thank you for ALWAYS being available to help, from the smallest task to the more complicated, you are always there! :)! It is very appreciated.” -Candi

“Thank you for always staying positive even during the most challenging times. You rock!” -Jennifer

“For all the late-night software/update releases! Don’t know where we would be without you.” -Jesse

“Thank you so much for backing me up on the couple of days I was out while my sister was visiting!” -Wendy

“Thank you for your great positive attitude and your help. You are such a caring soul!” -Beatrice

“Thank you for always going the extra mile and helping me with all the additional items that always seem to fall in your lap! You are fantastic!” -Suzanna

“Thanks for showing a positive attitude anytime I reach out, despite how busy you are! It is appreciated!” -Eric

“Thank you for your patience and willingness to answer my impromptu questions throughout the day. You are so kind and helpful!” -Valerie

“Thank you for being an awesome early morning work-buddy. You are always positive and supportive. You rock!” -Jeff

“Thank you for always being there to answer my endless questions!” -Rhonda

“Matt, congrats on 22 years with TRI-AD. Thanks for being a wealth of knowledge to the team!” -Mike

“I think a lot of callers find it a little surprising and also refreshing that we actually have a “live person” answering the phone. And that person is so pleasant!” -Stacy

“I so appreciate all of your assistance and willingness to teach me along the way. Thank you!” -Paulette

“Thanks for the support! Work-Life integration at its finest!” -Jim

“Thanks for all of your help today especially when I know you are super busy! You always have a positive attitude and are very accommodating to help quickly! It is appreciated!” -Eric

“Thank you for always being available to answer my questions and provide additional insights that deepen my understanding of retirement plan administration.” -Charity

“Thank you for all the hard work in screening and prepping and delivering strong candidates for our open role!” -Tony

“Thank you for always being available to help with whatever issues I bring your way or to point me in the right direction. Your vast knowledge is so appreciated!” -Suzanna

“Thanks for bringing smiles to our faces every time we come into the office. Your warm welcomes start the day off right.” -Thad

“Thank you so much for planning our team building luncheon, so much fun and so effective. Your overall positive “aura” makes TRI-AD a great place to work.” -Barbara

“Congratulations on joining the Service Support Team! I look forward to working with you!” -Shelly

“Thanks for always being so responsive and helping with great solutions to our problems!” -Stacy

“Thanks for your hard work in getting the computers setup to allow Associates to work remotely!” -Doug

“Thank you for showing me how to fish even though you were very willing to do it for me. I know you are incredibly busy right now with all the communications going out. THANK YOU!” -Jim

“Thank you for all of your help being my eyes and hands while I’m working from home. Your teamwork and positivity are VERY much appreciated!” -Krista

“Thank you for all the research you are getting done for our clients, and the Blog draft so quickly!” -Thad

“Thank you for always being so helpful and responsive, I really appreciate it! -Priscilla

You are doing a great job in the contact center and thanks for your help with my COS questions.” -Jennifer

“Thank you for your leadership and attention to detail as we have had to adapt our operational processes to meet the challenges we currently face. You are very much appreciated!” -George

“Thank you so much for all of your assistance in all of my technical issues. I appreciate all of your hard work!” -Carmen

“You are doing a great job in tackling items that come up or noting things that can be improved! I appreciate the leadership you have shown already!” -Shelly

“Great job receiving a 100% on your April call monitoring! Way to go!” -Erica

“Thank you for all your help during my very busy past couple weeks. (Literally) couldn’t have done it without you!” -Kristin

“Thank you so much for using your skills to help me with my project!” -Annette

“Thank you for your flexibility, positive attitude and always being willing to drop what you are doing to help others in need, both in our department and with external departments, even at a moment’s notice. I truly appreciate how I can count on you for any task on the team!” -Eric

“Thank you for all of the hard work that you put in on the Outlook conversion. The work that you and the team put in allowed for a near seamless transition and I want to know how much it is appreciated.” -Doug

“Thank you for the extra time, patience, and willingness to teach and train!” -Christina

“Thanks for always helping me understand what I thought I understood, to make it all become clear!” -Paulette

“Thank you for your diligent attention to the outlying details that help keep things running smoothly!” -Christine

“I appreciate your systems knowledge and helping to show how it all ties together and to driving towards new and exciting solutions!” -Tony

“Thank you for always having a great attitude.” -Brayam

“Thank you so much for the way you ask questions to clarify what needs to be done. I really appreciate your commitment to getting it right the first time. Also, thanks for you great attitude and arsenal of corny jokes! Love working with you.” -Valerie

“Thank you for all of your help, encouragement and welcoming me to TRI-AD!” -Eric

“Keep up the good work, I know there are a lot of moving parts, things that are changing, however you are working to keep in front of the items. Coordinating work with the team and working to get procedures drafted. Thanks for all you effort.” -Jason

Carmen, 8 years

“I have been with TRI-AD for seven years, and I stand for the Values the Company represents. I have grown within the company, and I love it! I appreciate the flexibility TRI-AD offers; it has allowed me to be present with my family. With TRI-AD, I look forward to my and my family’s future.”

Barbara, 5 years

“My previous employer was a family-owned business who cared deeply about the personal/work life balance of its employees, and for 24 years it was an amazing place to work. I never thought I would find another company with that same philosophy. I have worked at TRI-AD for 4 years, and the experience has been both rewarding and satisfying. TRI-AD promotes an open, honest, and encouraging atmosphere. I have been prompted for ideas in handling new programs and participated in discussions for improvements in processes. TRI-AD has always made me feel like a contributing part of a successful company.”

Beatrice, 5 years

“I believe in Principals, Values, Integrity, and Trust.

Working at TRI-AD has allowed financial success and growth within the Company. I will honestly state for the record, I could not have found a better Company to work for.”

Mary, 6 years

“I enjoy working at TRI-AD because of the support you receive from everyone who works here. If you need help finishing a project people are here to help.”

Priscilla,13 years

I like working for TRI-AD because I feel like a part of a family.  From the start, as a temp, I felt a sense of camaraderie here. I developed bonds with co-workers that I still have today. I am grateful to be able to grow professionally within TRI-AD. Our work is necessary for helping people, giving me great pride and satisfaction. Every day we are dealing with the ever-changing world of benefits which keeps things interesting as we constantly learn and grow.”

Loriebel, 6 years

“I love working with friendly colleagues and feeling like I have an extended family. The work hours flexibility and the ability to work from home provide a work-life balance. We have teamwork among my colleagues and do great things together to achieve our work goals. At TRI-AD, we are a team.”

Chris, 6 years

“TRI-AD has given me a new career path with a renewed sense of purpose and incredible work-life balance. Our responsive Leadership team offers an open-door policy and helps mentor Associates for the next level. I welcome challenges and learning new things, so I feel engaged and fulfilled. The transparent work culture is based on integrity and collaboration. I genuinely enjoy going to work every day and feel like I make a difference in the health and wealth of our clients. I love my work family and my job.”

Christine, 16 years

“I like working at TRI-AD because of the integrity I see in all levels of the company. The work environment is friendly and lends to the feeling of being part of a team. I LOVE my job!”

Jim, 8 years

“I joined TRI-AD for the: family feel, flexibility, team environment and true autonomy. We work hard and our employee-led committees treat us with fun events and treats! We have some pretty sweet perks to boot, some include: surprise raffles, giveaways, massage visits, car wash service, instructor-led stretch breaks, casual environment and more!”

Valerie, 30 years

“At TRI-AD, we are encouraged and expected to grow our skills, step up on new projects, and work hard. However, we are respected very much as people, not just as “talent” or “human capital.” One of the ways that TRI-AD walked the talk for me personally was to let me work part-time in my professional role for many years while my daughter was little. Being able to keep my work skills sharp and be the mom that I wanted to be was incredibly important to me, and I am deeply thankful that I did not have to choose between my career and my family.”

Wendy, 25 years

“The main reasons I have stayed with TRI-AD for over 20 years are that I believe in TRI-AD’s values and I appreciate the caring environment for the employees. I enjoy the Associates I work with and the relationships I’ve built, both while enduring the challenges and enjoying the successes together.”