HSA Accounts – Is that Eligible?

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TRI-AD’s partner, the HSA Store, has the largest selection of HSA-eligible products making it fast, simple, and easy for consumers to pay for thousands of eligible items with their account dollars. A Health Savings Account or HSA is a way to use pretax dollars to pay for eligible health-related items and services. HSA funds can be used to pay for IRS-approved health expenses and some health insurance deductibles and copays for the plan enrollee, their spouse, and dependents. However, some consumers may decide to pay medical expenses out of pocket when they can afford it. This allows their account to continue growing as it can be a powerful tool to save for future medical expenses into retirement. Achieving a balance between saving and spending habits is one key to successful HSA account management. 


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HSA Store is health savings, simplified. With the largest selection of guaranteed HSA-eligible products and easy-to-understand educational resources, the site helps maximize consumers’ long-term health savings.

HSAs can take health savings further than ever before. For every produc‌t or service consumers know is HSA-eligible, there are likely a lot more they don’t know!  Convenient HSA-eligible bundles come in a wide range of prices and products to satisfy any kind of shopper and budget. Check out knee pain relief or diagnostic products like thermometers or blood pressure monitors. 
Whether you’re a new mom, workout fiend, or fearless traveler, you can find the perfect set of eligible lifestyle essentials to keep you healthy and wealthy. Helping consumers achieve better outcomes by reducing risk and building wealth is paramount in everything we do at TRI-AD.

Integrated health and wealth benefits administration. That’s the TRI-AD difference.


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