Health and Wealth Benefits in One Portal: BenefitSpotTM

In our continuous effort to make it fast, simple and easy for employees to manage their employer-provided benefits, TRI-AD has launched our new consolidated participant portal called BenefitSpot. Our portal aggregates health and wealth benefits in one location – alleviating frustration and uncertainty often caused by multiple passwords for various websites, deadlines, and different plan rules. With single sign-on, employees can view all of their benefits that are administered through TRI-AD, including their online Benefit Enrollment, 401(k), HSA, FSA, HRA and other reimbursement accounts as well as helpful reminders, education and notifications.

We are confident that employers and their plan participants will see the value in our fast, simple and easy “one-stop” user experience and the incremental benefits that can be gained by utilizing TRI-AD for additional services. TRI-AD has also integrated with other providers and will regularly evaluate future integrations to add more value for our clients and employees.

We deliver a total benefits administration solution offering every administrative service from Benefits Enrollment administration to Retirement programs. This holistic experience blends health and wealth like no other provider.

That’s the TRI-AD difference: true health and wealth benefits integration supported by best-in-class technology and service.