FSA and HSA Open Enrollment Campaigns: We Can Help You!

Do you want to make sure your employees understand their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) options and maximize their financial outcomes? Do they grasp how pretax accounts like HSAs and FSAs can help them save money and gain control over their healthcare and financial future?

TRI-AD now offers an open enrollment campaign specifically designed to support your communication strategy, educate your employees, and arm them with the information they need to make important enrollment decisions. This open enrollment campaign can help your organization realize:

  • Greater percent of employees selecting “best value” options
  • Increased participation in HDHP / HSA programs
  • Greater employee benefit satisfaction
  • Fewer support requests for employers during open enrollment


As you probably already know, maximizing employee participation and enrollment in your HSAs and FSAs leads to lower payroll tax liability and increased savings for your company. Your employees can save up to 30% on healthcare costs, helping financial preparedness and increasing their satisfaction with your benefit offerings. Let us directly support your benefits communication strategy and help educate your employees so they are prepared to make the optimal decisions.

The campaign consists of a series of scheduled emails that we deliver directly to your employees. The emails share multimedia tools and resources which are focused on helping employees better manage their healthcare finances – helping them understand basic terminology, helping them diagnose their unique spending/saving needs, and helping them make smart enrollment and funding decisions that fit their needs.

In one case study, after implementing the open enrollment campaign, FSA adoption was up 23% with funding increasing by 10%. In another case study, HSA adoption rose 12% while HSA funding increased by $1,700 a year! Best of all, the campaign is included as part of our standard FSA and HSA offering so there is no cost to you.

Comprehensive Consumer Education & Enrollment Decision Support: The program strategically serves up a host of multi-media/interactive education and decision support resources designed to unlock account participation and funding – from foundational concepts, to selecting the right account, to determining the right funding level, and to tips/tricks to better manage their healthcare finances.

TRI-AD Completely Manages the Process: All that is required from you is a “census” data file containing eligible employee names and contact information and basic details about your CDH program (such as types of accounts offered, enrollment deadline and instructions). TRI-AD will drive the customization and content approval/testing and will fully operationalize the program on your behalf – including results reporting.

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Please contact us if you would like to discuss our Enrollment Campaign services in more detail. We’re here to help make it a success!