Cyber-Crime: Protect Your Employees

The financial shockwave caused by cyber-crime is devastating to individuals and businesses. Its effects may be felt for a long time after the initial discovery. It is estimated that 14.4 million Americans experienced identity fraud in 2018. Recently, IBM Security released a study on the cost of a data breach, which estimates a 12 percent rise in the cost of a data breach over the past five years. Organizations can expect to pay an average of $3.92 million.

InfoArmor, an Allstate company and our trusted partner, offers employer-paid and voluntary digital identity protection benefits. InfoArmor provides continuous coverage: monitors financial transactions; searches the dark web for compromised credentials; conducts credit, bank account, HSA and 401(k) monitoring; provides a $1 million insurance policy, and much more. Allstate’s digital footprint has new capabilities that help people see, secure and control their digital footprint.

A corporate protection plan benefits all employees regardless of their location, job title or function. People share personal data and information online every day. Digital identity should be protected just like all the other things they love.

Join us for InfoArmor’s upcoming web seminar, “Protecting Employee Privacy in the Digital Age” on August 28, 2019.

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