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2014 and 2015 HSA Contribution Limits
Save Up To 35% on HSA-Eligible Expenses

HSA Overview

HSA Brochure

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What's Reimbursable?

How Much Should You Contribute?

Frequently Asked Questions

Filing Your Taxes?
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HealthSaver Account Tips

  • To access the tools to open your account, register first.
  • If you are transferring another HSA to your TRI-AD HealthSaver account, you must wait one business day after opening your account to log back in and access the Transfer of Assets form in the "Resource Center." For example, if you open your account on Saturday, wait until Tuesday (Monday is the one business day waiting period) to obtain your Transfer of Assets form. Find out more
  • Make sure you keep enough cash in your HealthSaver bank account to cover your reimbursement claims. Otherwise your claim will be denied.
  • Does your child need immunizations before school starts? Use your HealthSaver account to pay for your pediatrician's or family practitioner's office visit.
  • Even if your dependents are not covered in your High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) you can still pay their eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses with your HealthSaver Account.

Save Up to 35% On HSA-Eligible Expenses!

The HealthSaver Account lets you pay your out-of-pocket health care expenses not covered by your High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with completely tax-free money.

Keep more of your hard-earned money

Read an overview of the HealthSaver Account
Need more details? See the HealthSaver brochure

HealthSaver Tools

How Much Should
You Contribute?
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Expense Estimator

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Contribution limits

Yearly maximum contribution levels are set by the federal government.

For 2014, you can contribute up to $3,300 if you have single HSA qualified health plan coverage, or $6,550 if you have family HSA qualified health plan coverage.

For 2015, you can contribute up to $3,350 if you have single HSA qualified health plan coverage, or $6,650 if you have family HSA qualified coverage.

If you are age 55 or older, you can make an additional catch-up contribution amount of up to $1,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a list of frequently-asked questions about the HealthSaver Account

More Tips for Successfully Using Your HealthSaver Account

  1. Use the website. This website contains all the information you need to access your account successfully. Once you log in, you can file claims, make your investments, make additional contributions, and more.

  2. Keep your supporting documentation. While we don't require that you provide documentation for your claims, you may need it in case the IRS questions a claim at some point. Keep your supporting documentation!

    IRS rules say that your documentation must show:

    • The date you incurred the expense
    • The service provider's name
    • To whom the service was provided
    • The price paid
    • A clear and detailed service description

    Acceptable documentation: Examples of good documentation are insurance company Explanation of Benefit forms (EOBs), receipts showing the above information, and bag tags for prescriptions. Also, for over-the-counter items, a cash register receipt showing the name of the product and its price is acceptable.

    Unacceptable documentation: Bank card statements, canceled checks, estimates of expenses and balance forward statements are not valid documentation.

  3. Questions?

    If you have a question, call TRI-AD's Participant Services Center at 888-844-1372 before submitting your claim or email us at We're happy to provide you with the guidance you need.



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